Law of Attraction – Can It Save Your Relationship?

Posted by Marcos on

Do you know why two individuals start loving each other? It has been seen often two persons from entirely different social statuses and backgrounds and yet they are mad for each other. Love is a two-way process, where one person starts accepting the beliefs and thoughts of the other person and when it becomes compatible then their relationship lasts longer.

What exactly helps in the manifesting a relationship is the law of attraction between the two. Many of us often are surrounded by various negativities of life which may be created due to our old habits, or due to influence of our friends or associates or under the influence of the environment, where we have grown up. Therefore, there are many who may not believe in the law of attraction lifestyle.

However, if you follow your lifestyle based on the principle of the law of attraction then there is a greater chance that you may find many others who may have the same beliefs. Therefore, you stand a better chance to find your soulmate more easily as compared to others.

However, the game of love and relationships is a two-card game where one card that you are holding is you. You do not know about the other card and the belief of that person. Therefore, the law of attraction can only work if the card the other person is holding also has same lifestyle.

You have to also understand that you do not have any control about the realty of the other person. Though both of you may be connected to the same big picture, you cannot expect the same behavior from the other person.