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Is the existence of God a subject of debate?

Posted by Marcos on

There are a lot of ways to answer to; does God really exist or is God real? When someone argues that God is not real but self-created, you can prove the existence of God with some valid proofs. They’ll be dumb without further arguments.

The purification system of the earth

The most interesting proof is the nature of water which is without color, taste, and odor but none of us can live without it. This earth has a permanent system of purification through which water is reused and recycled, prolonging living things on the Earth. How that is possible such as complicated and amazing process keeps going without a designer!

The complex system of human brain

The next, the human brain is a big proof for having its designer. What does the ability of the brain to deal with a million messages in a second suggest? The brain is capable of deciding the wrong and right as long as we are up. The intricacy and progression of the brain are proof that it has a deliberate designer, who carries on with shocking surprises.

In the final analysis

Well, Jesus is real and it is he who died for humans on the cross. Just think on this, is God real, keep in view the system of countless things around you. And you will find an answer. You know Jesus absolutely adored you to the extent that he accepted to undergo all that trouble and torment as he desired humans to be absolved.

God has just given us the message of love and unity with the demand of an absolute obedience from people. So, is God real? Do non-living things send the message of love and unity? Getting familiar with God and feeling his affection is an undeniable fact. So, those who would like to feel it too must believe that God is real. That’s about it!